We appreciate all the hard work that honest journalists do to be sensitive in reporting about American Muslims, who have been subjected to so much disinformation. Please keep up that commitment. Thank you!

We hope you will:

  • Consider that CAIR’s senior leaders have hurt our community more than they have helped us.
  • Be unafraid to investigate CAIR as you would any other major organization.
  • Take our concerns seriously.

As one community member has written: “Sexism, nepotism, favoritism, sexual harassment, and racism are alive and kicking in leading ‘Muslim’ organizations as they are in secular organizations. We have problems and the first step is to admit it. We need to reflect how we treat each other and the indecent behavior we make acceptable and normalize. Change comes from within. We cannot be advocating for justice on behalf of our community and other communities, if we are not willing to stand against any of the isms that are occurring in our organizations.”

We do not have a multi-million-dollar budget or a team of lawyers. Many of us are afraid to speak publicly because of serious repercussions for ourselves and our families. But we are sharing this information because we cannot be silent about injustice. We hope you will consider reporting on our concerns so the public can be aware. Thank you!

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