Our Call for Reform

CAIR should adopt a culture of accountability with a few important steps:

  • New Leadership: CAIR’s senior leadership, which has held absolute control over the organization for 26 years, has failed to act quickly to stop senior staffers in chapters around the country who harassed female employees, embezzled funds, and committed fraud. This leadership chose to accept millions of dollars from foreign governments, prioritizing overseas interests before the local community. Some leaders have made millions of dollars off community Zakah funds while stiffing lower-level staffers. It’s time for new senior leadership and a new board of directors who will embrace transparency and accountability.
  • End Discrimination: CAIR organizational policies have discriminated against female and non-Muslim employees, creating a hostile work environment tarnishing the image of Muslims. It’s time to remove those intolerant policies and put in place essential protections for employees of all backgrounds and genders.
  • Sexual Harassment Training: There is a pattern of male leaders in CAIR chapters across the country who appear to have engaged in harassing behavior against females. This climate of abuse can’t continue. It’s time for mandatory sexual harassment training for all CAIR employees, including senior leaders.
  • No More NDAs: CAIR employees over the years who became concerned about senior leadership had to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) on their way out of the organization. CAIR has sometimes refused to pay former employees their due compensation unless they signed an NDA, muzzling their ability to demand accountability. It’s time for CAIR to end the policy of exit NDAs and to release all former employees from their forced silence.
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